Websites, Marketing & Social Media

Website Reviews, Tweaks and Builds

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • WiX
  • Building modifying, technical support on an on-going or temporary basis
  • Replacement/upgrading/migration of website themes
  • Connect your website to show Eventbrite Events & Zoom

Social Media

  • Design of social media posts: content, text, image, layout, strategies
  • Social media paid Ads, for example, here is the video portion (would have a link button in the bottom corner on the actual ad:


  • Look into alternate advertising and outreach opportunities
  • MailChimp integration and design of newsletters
  • Strategic content writing for marketing and communications to increase sales and customer retention
  • Design of business cards, flyers, posters, kiosk pamphlets and brochures
  • Surveys and report generation
  • Editing of video footage for websites and social media
  • Surveys, interpretation of results and report writing
  • Proposal writing
  • Annual Report layout and design
  • Creative writing and design layout: e.g., online brochures, social media posts, blog content, pop-up banners
  • Virtual events selection and/or implementation
  • Strategic management of virtual customer outreach campaigns
  • Outreach to charities for your consideration of potential sponsorship
  • Social media outreach: highlighting how your organization solves problems for your community, fostering community engagement with your organization
  • Communicate your business’ community support efforts
  • Process requests for sponsorship, reply to applications
  • Special projects
  • Employee recognition initiatives
  • Other

Partnered Ottawa Bra Clinic with Breast Cancer Society of Canada for promotion.

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