Fundraising Management

Fundraising Management / Special Projects & Design

Services for Charities / Non-Profits:

Website Builds, Tech Help, Website Maintenance

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • WiX
  • Content design: images, text, layout.
  • Short and long-term options.

Fundraising Strategies

  • Fundraising strategies, outreach, design and strategic content writing to maximize return on investment for marketing & communication efforts.
  • Increase interest in your cause.
  • Sell items online via Shopify sales, membership/donor/client follow-up, outreach,
  • Attract sponsors to your cause by optimizing what they see when they visit your website.
  • Your grant application success can be significantly impacted by how you word your response to grant questions. How you showcase your past, present and future projects is important to your success.
  • Keeping donors engaged and invested in your success can be influenced by the experience they have interacting with your website and social media.

I approach from the perspective of strategically optimizing design, content and delivery through the lens of fundraising management, utilizing business training and experience, along with the additional insight gained from my Bachelor of Social Sciences.

Virtual Events Selection and/or Implementation

  • Strategic management of virtual fundraising campaigns, outreach to sponsors, donors and members that can impact your bottom line.
  • Social media outreach: highlighting how your organization solves problems for your community, fostering community engagement with your organization. A particular ratio of asks vs useful content can greatly impact the effectiveness of your asks for support.

Effectively engaging and communicating with your target audience about new processes, needs and offerings can increase not only your charity’s revenues, but also a small business’ online sales and outreach. Help to cultivate new interest and long-term loyalty.

Content Writing: e.g. Case for Support Writing – Do You Have A Strong Case for Support?

Charities and non-profits need a strong and current Case for Support. If you rely on donations, sponsorships, and or grants to keep your programs going, your Case for Support is a very important building block.

Read an example of a case for support that I wrote and designed for Breast Cancer Action – Ottawa pre-pandemic. Their grant approval success ratio increased dramatically since this Case for Support was created.

Image Creation for Social Media & Print

  • Impact: “A picture is worth a thousands words”
  • Say more with less words.

  • Michelle Beaupre, Fundraising Management Consultant / Contractor / Programs Specialist

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    Ottawa (Nepean), ON

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