Fundraising Management / Special Projects & Design

Services Provided to Charities, Non-Profits and Small Businesses:

Great fundraising strategies, outreach, design and strategic content writing for marketing & communication efforts are key to maximizing interest in your cause or small business. Sales, membership/donor/client follow-through and grant application success can all be impacted by what the donor or customer sees, and the experience they have interacting with your website and social media.

I approach from the perspective of strategically optimizing design, content and delivery through the lens of fundraising management. I can help with:

  • Shopify web store builds and technical support on an on-going or temporary basis.
  • Website updates for WordPress and Wix.
  • Replacement/upgrading/migration of website themes.
  • Editing of video footage for short video clips for websites and social media.
  • Surveys, interpretation of results and report writing.
  • Review/write/edit a strong Case for Support.
  • Creative writing and design layouts: e.g., online brochures, social media posts, blog content. Engaging, short relevant stories with impact can be the difference between your organization being chosen for a grant or it going to someone else whose cause may be just as equally important as yours, but they simply presented their organization better.
  • Virtual events selection and/or implementation.
  • Strategic management of virtual fundraising campaigns, outreach to sponsors, donors and members that can impact your bottom line.
  • Social media outreach: highlighting how your organization solves problems for your community, fostering community engagement with your organization. A particular ratio of asks vs useful content can greatly impact the effectiveness of your asks for support.
  • Effectively engaging and communicating with your target audience about new processes, needs and offerings can increase not only your charity’s revenues, but also a small business’ online sales and outreach. Help to cultivate new interest and long-term loyalty.
  • Overseeing website maintenance and assess for fundraising layout effectiveness, tweaks.
  • Special projects.
  • Other

Do You Have A Strong Case for Support?

Charities and non-profits need a strong and current Case for Support. If you rely on donations, sponsorships, and or grants to keep your programs going, your Case for Support is a very important building block. It needs to be kept updated and relevant.

Read an example of a case for support that I wrote and designed for Breast Cancer Action – Ottawa. Their grant approval success ratio increased dramatically since this Case for Support was created.

Image Creation For Social Media & Print

  • Impact: “A picture is worth a thousands words”
  • Say more with less words.

  • Michelle Beaupre, Fundraising Management Consultant / Contractor / Programs Specialist

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