Overview of Website Builds:


https://tdunnconsulting.ca (The complete build/finished)

https://mbfm.ca (My own)

https://charitywishlist.ca (My own)


https://colleengrayart.ca (The complete build/finished & updates)

https://artforaidshop.ca (The complete build finished & updates)

https://braclinic.ca (Updates & tweaks, site was already built)


https://artforaid.ca (Tweaks & updates)

https://ottawabraclinic.com (Tweaks & updates)

https://phasein.ca (Built from start to finish. Client wanted very plain & simple, some features removed like slider and blog commenting. Built to client’s specifications. Completed early May 2021. Only the website build – I have nothing to do with logo or social media, or maintaining the website after completion.)


Maintained/updated private elementary school’s website 2007-2011


Examples marketing/social media clients:

Art for Aid Project. Occasional promotional efforts through Art for Aid Project’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media pages and websites.

Ottawa Bra Clinic, on occasion for https://obconline.ca and https://ottawabraclinic.com e.g., social media ad promos for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day promotions. Paid Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Pop-up Banner Design

An example of one of several pop-up banners that I designed for Breast Cancer Action – Ottawa Past client, and focus of many of my Algonquin College Fundraising Management Program projects.

Breast Cancer Action – Ottawa 2019

2005 to present – CharityWishList.ca

Special Project

I created the program concept and implemented CharityWishList.ca in 2005. Designed & trademarked the logo that was approved in 2008. I own and continue to run and support the website and I have redesigned the website over the years as platforms evolve, covering all aspects to run it.

This is a free directory to easily and quickly connect people in Canada, to the Canadian registered charities and non-profits near them that are interested in the type of item that a person could want to give away. The directory is free to use and free to be listed upon.

CharityWishList.ca does not collect any items itself. To read more about it, check out the FAQ section of CharityWishList.ca

Logo Designed for New TV Show

Example of a logo that I designed, in Adobe Illustrator, for a new Rogers TV Show: Living with a Disability, Fall of 2019.

Screen Capture of TV Show using the logo I designed

Hogman-eh! 2016 NYE, Event by the Scottish Society of Ottawa

On contract as Special Event Assistant. Over 5000 attended throughout the evening at the historic Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne. I was the Special Event Assistant. The Rankin Family headlined and there were about five (5) supporting acts and various activities including food court, face painters, magician/juggler, VIP areas, craft market, and two count downs to New Year’s Eve (7pm for the kiddies and midnight), and fireworks. The mayor attended and presented an award and I enlisted my great friend TV Morning Show Host/Producer Bill Welychka as our Celebrity Hogman-eh! Emcee. VIP tickets sold out for the first time in the event’s five-year history, an especially huge accomplishment since the VIP seating area was greatly increased so there were significantly more tickets to sell than in the past. A Wonderful time was had by all.

Photo Credits/Hogman-eh!

Photo credit: Rachel Hele (Photo of Michelle Beaupre & Emcee Bill Welychka of CKWS-TV/Now Global News Morning Kingston.)

Photo credit: Michelle Beaupre (Photo of Hogman-eh! 2016 Stage, The Barra MacNeils on Stage, and Crowd/Gift Bag Photos)

Photo credit: Mayor’s Office (Photo of Bill Welychka, Mayor Jim Watson, SSO Board Member 2016)

Ottawa Festivals Calendar of Event Webpage Photo Collage used 2017, 2018 and 2019: created by Michelle Beaupre

VIP Ticket Promo Image for Hogman-eh! 2016 VIP Tickets on Eventbrite Site: Michelle Beaupre All VIP Tickets Sold Out in Advance.

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