Writing to donors asking for financial help?

Are you drafting a Message to Charities? 

Subject line example: COVID-19: Emergency Funds Needed

Include the following points – keep it short (edit, edit, edit):

  1. State urgency of message
  2. Describe how the situation is hurting/impacting your org/charity.
  3. Make your ask specific – special gift to help.
  4. Very short story to illustrate the need.
  5. Mention the pandemic was not in your budget.
  6. State how their donation will impact your needs.
  7. Ask to send an emergency gift now.
  8. Thank them.
  9. For donations $500 or more send a personal thank you email. Really big donations call and thank them personally.

Note: People in a position to help your cause will want to know how they can help you in a way that will make a difference.


Michelle Beaupre, Fundraising Management - Strategies, Design, Social Media

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