Fundraising Strategies, Design, Communications, Social Media

Online stores for charities and small businesses are more important than ever. Outreach, design and strategies help to drive traffic to you, engage and keep people coming back for repeat donations and purchases. Confidently entrust me to help you. Check out my recent complete build from start to finish of Shopify sites:; and going live soon And content tweaks to (in progress), and WIX websites and

Fundraising Management Contractor/Consultant, Communications and Programs Specialist

Remote work / Self-employed. Contact me. Let's discuss website layout strategies to optimize fundraising potential. Building, maintaining, updating Shopify web stores, Wix and WordPress websites. Social media post designs, marketing, campaigns. Donor and customer outreach. Building bridges between charities, businesses, customers and donors. Also, content creation and design work. English first language. French second language.